Welcome to our Club’s website.

I am privileged to be the Club’s 52nd President; the Club was established in 1969 and we have a new President and Club Council for each Rotary year – which runs from 1st July to 30th June.

I moved from Warwickshire to Littlestone in March 2017, with my husband – Patrick – and the President of my former Rotary Club (where I was Fellowship Chairman – and helped to set up a Rotary Community Charity Shop) advised me to visit a few Clubs before deciding which to join; when I first visited our Club I was delighted by the friendly welcome, by the sense of fellowship, and was impressed by what it does to help and support, mainly local, charities and organisations.

We meet each Thursday (7pm for 7.30pm) for a meal at The XIX, The Warren Golf Club, St. Andrews Road, Littlestone, TN28 8RB – but weekly attendance is not obligatory. In our Meetings we plan and discuss Members events and visits, fundraising events, and which charities and organisations to support. We have interesting Speakers (often from charities). Meetings include some formality but always there is good fellowship and banter – often directed at the President! – so if you join us be prepared to enjoy yourself, as well as to help to raise funds for charity.

In March this year we had to suspend our meetings, and cancel some planned events, due to Covid 19 – however we currently meet by Zoom – but look forward to resuming our regular meetings soon. We haven’t stopped planning, though, and hope to have a Coconut Shy at Dymchurch Day of Syn, a ‘Haywardians’ Charity Concert in October, New Romney 10k Run in November, then Santas Sleigh Runs throughout December, a Charity Quiz in February, a collection outside John Lawsons Circus in April and, also in April, a Charity Golf Tournament to be organised by our Vice President. There will also be Partners’ Nights, Members’ events such as a Games Night, a visit to the Marsh Academy Cinema, to Medway Fire Station, and a walking tour of historical New Romney.

The Club is part of a ’Cluster Group’ of nearby Rotary Clubs and we occasionally attend meetings (called ‘Raids’) at their Clubs and join together for joint initiatives and events.

My main aims for 2020-21 are to ensure that our Club continues to thrive, to help to promote its public image, to see all Club Members involved, consulted, and playing their part in the work the Club does to support charities and, most importantly, to encourage the Members to enjoy the good fellowship and fun traditional in this Club.

We’ll be delighted to welcome new Members to the Club, so if you’re interested in joining us do get in touch and come along to meet us. Contacts are: Sarah Day (07513 403398), Stephen Hagues, our Club Secretary (07900 736018) – or send an email to info@romneymarshrotary.co.uk.

Barbara Gold
President – 2020-21.

You will see, below, the members of the 2020-21 Club Counci

Peter Woodward-Bailey Vice President

I Joined Folkestone Rotary in 1990 and served many years as Community Service Chairman. I was appointed President of Folkestone Rotary in 2004 and then continued with Community Service up until 2018. I oversaw many successful projects over the years and was awarded my Paul Harris Fellowship in 2014. When my wife and I moved to Littlestone in 2018 I decided to look at Romney Marsh Rotary to be more local and we were both made very welcome by the members. I believe that I can share some of my experiences as a Rotarian to the Club and this year will be looking at recruitment of new members as well as re-starting a Charity Golf event.eter Woodward- Bailey, Vice President



Stephen Hagues, Secretary and Club Protection Officer

Stephen is one of our most experienced Rotarians and so is ideally placed to help our newer council members with the protocols of district, national and international aspects of Rotary and liaise with other clubs for the organisation of exchange visits (‘raids’) with them

Trevor Harrison, Treasurer and Immediate Past President

I am very grateful for the outstanding Club Service freely given by Roger Constable who has been the Club Treasurer for longer than most of our members can remember and for his help in making the transition to me such a smooth one. I naturally wish our new President good luck and an enjoyable year and will be pleased to support her, the others on her Council Team and indeed all of our members wherever and however I can. I have dusted off my old abacus, set up a spreadsheet and am looking forward to the challenge of keeping up the exceptionally high standard of accountability set by Roger.

Patrick Gold, Fundraising, Community Service and Risk management

Patrick is a terrific servant of our Club, the word ‘no’ isn’t in his vocabulary, this year he will be heading up our fundraising and team, helping with our monthly newsletter, looking after risk issues and once again be one of the regular drivers for our sleigh runs.

Jim Lawrence, Vocational & Fellowship Service

My role is to look after Club activities, organise guest speakers and generally look after the social calendar of events. I have experience in computing and so also ‘volunteered’ to take over the role of Webmaster’ for website. I enjoyed the Vocational role last year and was pleased to be asked to continue. Lockdown has meant that we have several speakers to carry forward from last year. We hope that the first of these will be from the New Romney Historical Society.

Other proposed subjects for talks, albeit with speakers and methods still to be confirmed include:
– the Fire Service,
– the New Romney Counselling Service,
– an update on End Polio Now,
– Safeguarding,
– Folkestone Rainbow Centre Foodbank.




Sarah Day, Rotary Foundation, Recruitment & Public Relations

My role is looking  after our Club’s involvement in, and support of, the major initiatives set by Rotary International notably the ‘End Polio Now’ campaign but also I  look after the content of our website and Facebook pages. The mission of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.


Frank Thrower, International

I have been a Rotarian for 37 years and held the position of Club President three times. I was the Club Secretary over many years. As International Chairman for 2020/21 I will organise (Covid 19 permitting) our biannual visit to our contact Club in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. I am also known as the club Santa which I thoroughly enjoy doing over the month in December.


Gill Singfield

After an eventful and challenging first year’s experience I feel more confident in moving forwards this new year. Due to the present situation many Youth activities cannot take place especially with Young Carers within the 4 Clubs Youth Committee. I am sure that many new incentives will be carried out to offer support where it is needed. The Young Writers Competition will take place and I look forward to making new contacts in Schools. It is hoped to become more involved in RYDA this year.ill Singfield, Youth and Schools Liaison