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It seems that with the beginning of a new month winter has now arrived and with some force although not as bad (yet anyway) here on the Marsh as some other parts of the country if the television pictures are anything to go by. During January the club has been pleased to host a presentation by local charity, The Paula Carr Trust, enjoy another very successful Partners Night and agree further donations to local good causes.

The Paula Carr Trust presentation was made by Gary Fagg, who has been involved with the charity from its formation in 1989 and is now Chairman, CEO and a very well respected authority on the whole subject of diabetes, nationally as well as here in Kent. He has been a friend of our club for many years but was happy to come along to once again extol the virtues of the organisation and introduce our newer members to the wonderful work they do. He explained that it helps to support and in many cases fight for the rights of those suffering with Diabetes and the many associated challenges that they face and is also involved in funding research and prevention programmes. As most of you will be aware, diabetes is a condition that causes your blood sugar level to become too high. What you may not know is that it is a lifelong condition affecting 3.2 million people in the UK and another 630,000 estimated people that have diabetes but don’t know it! Gary Fagg MBE

There are two types of diabetes, Type 1 affects people whose bodies are unable to produce insulin and can develop at any age, usually starting before the age of 40 and often in childhood while Type 2 sufferers are unable to produce enough insulin or cannot make the insulin they have work properly. Type 2 diabetes is much more common than Type 1 affecting about 90% of all those affected by the condition and is a growing problem, it used to mainly affect older people but with increasing concerns over obesity levels in children it is now affecting younger people of all ethnic types. It is a major cause of blindness and can also lead to lack of feeling (and in extreme cases amputation) in the legs, feet and toes. All of these ‘knock on’ issues make a huge demand on the time and cash resources of the NHS which is part of the reason why Paula Carr are now beginning to switch the emphasis of their work to prevention rather than management of the condition. They are funding programmes to help sufferers monitor and control their treatment and progress themselves including innovative equipment which is non-invasive and greatly reduces the need for finger prick blood tests. Apparently, such equipment which the trust believes provides better control and would save the NHS money in the long term is available in 95% of this country and around the world, but not yet in Kent, a situation that they are campaigning to rectify. They are also hoping to bring more help to younger patients by increasing the number of physicians available to young adults, providing support networks to help school age children and funding more staff training. They also have a programme to train ‘hypo-hounds’, dogs that can be trained to smell when very young children and babies sugar levels increase and alert a parent so that quick and appropriate action can be taken.

For further information, go the their website at www.paulacarrdiabetestrust.co.uk/
The fun side of Rotary was once again enjoyed with an excellent Partners Night held at The Cock Inn in Peasmarsh as demonstrated by one of the many wives present pictured opposite. Amanda and her team were terrific hosts serving up delicious food and drinks in a very friendly atmosphere – we would all thoroughly recommend you give them a try. A hamper donated by one of our senior members was offered as a raffle prize and raised £55 to be used in our continued efforts to help local charities, youth groups and other good causes.

Finally, tickets are now available for our upcoming Race Night on 23rd February, please see details below

What’s coming up?
Forthcoming members activities and public events include ..

⦁ Regular club meeting and dinner every Thursday at Littlestone Warren Golf Club; 7.00 pm

⦁ Saturday 23rd February; Race Night at St. Mary’s Bay

⦁ Thursday 28th February; Presentation from Pilgrims Hospice

⦁ Saturday 6th April; Quiz Night at Littlestone Warren Golf Club
⦁ Thursday 16th May; Club 50th Anniversary Celebration at Lympne Castle

⦁ Saturday 28th September; Concert by The Haywardians (Venue TBA)
So what do I do if I want to join?
New members are always welcome, please email info@romneymarshrotary.co.uk or check out our website – www.romneymarshrotary.co.uk where you can also find out a little more about who we are and what we do
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