from all of us here at Romney Marsh Rotary, we hope you will all enjoy good health, good luck and happiness throughout 2018 and that any troubles will be small ones. December is always a very important month for us and many other Rotary Clubs throughout the country as we join with Santa Claus to take the sleigh around as many local neighbourhoods as we can. This year has been no different and once again the generosity of all the people we met along the way, young and old, has reinforced our opinion that our local communities are second to none in their willingness to help others perhaps not as fortunate as themselves by supporting the local charities that our Club supports. We are delighted to report that the total amount collected this year was a magnificent £7,011.60 with a few odd donations still coming in so a very big thank you from all of us on behalf of those who will benefit from your generosity.

All that said, it isn’t just the cash that makes our sleigh runs so worthwhile. For the last couple of years at least, we have been lucky to enjoy good weather, sometimes cold but generally dry! The prospect of separating coins and notes from sticky lollies sharing the space at the bottom of a bucket is not a pleasant one but it is always a joy for us to get so much positive feedback. The children of all ages are a delight, and to see the happiness on their faces soon turns what may have seemed to be a bit of a chore when the rota was being drawn up into an absolute joy. We are always touched too by the mums, dads, grandparents and other big children who donate what they can and are kind enough to say how much they enjoy the event and how it often brings back fond memories of their own childhood or of ones they have loved and perhaps lost. With so much goodwill and positivity, we hope we can continue the tradition for many more years to come. Everybody enjoys receiving praise and our people are no exception so it really does help to hear and feel so much genuine love and goodwill from all sides.


Of course all of our members deserve our thanks for turning out to knock on doors but in particular this year we would like to mention in despatches two of our newer members, Barbara Gold who has organised the nightly collection teams and coordinated the whole event (albeit with the help of our ‘veterans’) and her husband Patrick who has helped out with the driving for the first time giving our long term volunteer pilot, Dennis, the hope that, in due time and with a following wind, he may be able to enjoy the odd night off during the three week run. Our thanks also of course to Father Christmas who rang his bell and “Ho-Ho-Hoed” with so much gusto every night.
We were also pleased to be part of the inaugural New Romney Lantern Parade which took place on 15th December and attracted a massive turn out with people lining the High Street to support the children all of whom had made a great effort (no doubt with the help of willing mums and dads) to make their own lanterns. The event was opened by Father Christmas and led by the Rotary Sleigh and included carol singing both before and after the parade in the presence of the Mayor and local councillors. Local businesses in the High Street decorated their windows and did their bit to make the event a huge success, we wish the organisers well and hope to be asked again if something similar is repeated next year.


Other events to report, we all enjoyed another partner’s night this time at the Littlestone Golf Club on 1st December and a members Christmas dinner at our usual venue at the Warren Golf Club on the 21st. Both were very well attended and a good time was had by all. Our thoughts now turn to the second half of our Rotary year (which for some odd reason starts and ends in June) and which will we hope provide further opportunities to enjoy ourselves and serve our area.


What’s coming up?

Forthcoming activities and events include..
 Regular club meeting and dinner every Thursday at Littlestone Warren Golf Club; 7.00 pm

 Thursday 18th January; Raid on us by Cinque Ports Rotary Club

 Thursday 25th January; Official visit by the District Governor

 Early April 2018; Visit to Dymchurch Masonic Hall and temple

 27th – 29th April 2018; Visit from Rotary Club of Gelsenkirchen, Germany

 Date & Time TBA; Walking Treasure Hunt around New Romney

 Date & Time TBA; Possible music in the High Street event
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