Hello Everyone, we’re back!!

We hope that you and your families are all safe and well. The Club remains active and very much ‘Open for Business’. We will continue to do all we can to support local charities and those in need in our local community. A good number of Club Members continue to ‘meet’ each week on Zoom Meetings, in line with current district guidelines. The meetings provide opportunities to catch up with others, discuss Club business, hear talks given by external speakers and club Members and also to celebrate birthdays. Thankyou to Stephen Hagues for organizing the Zoom meetings each week.


Handover Night Celebrations.

On Thursday 25th June, via a Zoom meeting, we welcomed Barbara Gold as our new President for the coming year. Barbara’s main aims for 2020 2021 are to ensure that the Club continues to thrive, to help to promote its public image, to see all Club Members involved, consulted and playing their part in the work the Club does to support charities and, most importantly, to encourage the Members to enjoy the good fellowship and fun traditional to this Club. Barbara is joined by, Peter Woodward-Bailey as Vice President, Stephen Hagues will continue as Club Secretary and Trevor Harrison will take on the role of Treasurer. As a Club, we would all like to thank last year’s team for all their hard work throughout the last year.


Virtual Country Fayre 25th July: Coconut Shy

This year the Romney Marsh Club held a virtual Coconut Shy event at St Martin’s Field. As a club we endeavor to remain active and continue to support local charities.


On Thursday 30th July, Stephen Hagues, our Club Secretary, gave a very interesting and detailed account of his life, during our weekly Zoom Meeting. We were amazed to hear about the varied career changes Stephen made and the many stories that came with them. Thankyou Stephen for a great talk.

Just to say to those of our members who have been unwell, thinking of you and families and wishing you a speady recovery.


A man goes to his doctor, worried about his wife’s temper.

The doctor says, “What’s the problem?”

The man says, “Doctor, I don’t know what to do, everyday my wife loses her temper for no reason it scares me!

The doctor says, “I have a cure for that. When it seems that your wife is getting angry, just get a glass of water, take a mouthful and start swishing it around your mouth just swish and swish but dont swallow it until she either leaves the room or calms down.

2 weeks later, the man goes back to his doctor looking great. He says, Doctor, that was a brilliant idea every time my wife started to lose it I swished and swished with water, she calmed right down. How does a glass of water do that?”

The doctor says, “The water does nothing its keeping your mouth shut that does the trick!!!

(Men now you know how to keep out of trouble. Ladies, if they take that advice you’ll probably not need to get angry in the first place!)


27th August: Zoom Talk: Speaker: Frank Thrower, Romney Marsh Rotary Club member September:

10th September: Rotary Club of Folkstone Charity Golf Day at Sene Valley Golf Club16th September: South Foreland Rotary Club Raid, via Zoom.


29th October: Zoom Talk: Speaker: Lord Michael Boyce, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports So what do I do if I want to join?

We’ll be delighted to welcome new Members to the club. If you are interested in joining us, get in touch via email info@romneymarshrotary.co.uk or check out our website – www.romneymarshrotary.co.uk where you can also find out a little more about who we are and what we do.

‘Reg’d charity no 281361’


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