Minutes of the Meeting held on Thursday 18th July 2019

Steward for the Evening: David Bourne Trevor Harrison presided
Attendance: 17 plus 2
Apologies: Match.
Visitors and Guests: None
Visits to other Clubs: None.
Hospitality Box: Raised £33.88
Birthday Toasts: David Bateman who bought wine.
Future Stewards: Next week Roger C and 1st August Spencer Buck
Announcements: None

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes: None
Correspondence: As per the club Council meeting
Finance: General Account £ 341.13 Hospitality Account £ 1289.99
Fund Raising £ 2950 (several monies already spent) Foundation £ 272

2 applications for the Peter Sloper fund. Roger explained the fund.
Donation to Bowls club approved.

Club Service: Next partners night 29th August at Newchurch. £29 per head including tip.

Community Service/Fund Raising:
New Romney Country Fayre 27th July; 10k run 28th July; Hawardians Concert 28th September
Visit to Gelsenkirchen 1st to 4 th May
Vocational: Jim circulated a proposed diary up to December.
Foundation and PR: Sarah to discuss plans for helping the International campaign fighting the eradication of Polio.
Youth :
The young carers hog roast event is on the 4th August. Invitations to 3 shepway partner clubs to be sent.
Attendance: Good
Membership: Membership of the club stands at 27 members.
Charites to be discussed at next Council meeting on 5th August.
Thanks to those who produced the latest newsletter. Lindy, Patrick, Julie
Thanks to Roger for updating the history booklet.
3 Presidents BBQ to be held at Nigel’s on Saturday at 2.00pm
Rotary visit at Demelza House Sittingbourne on the 19th September.




1. Attendance – 19 (Grace was said by Denis)

2 Apologies – Match

3.Welcome Visitors /Guests – Phil and Jeanette Bowman, Lindy Hutchinson

4. Hospitality Box – £32.12

5. Visits to other clubs – None

6. Birthday Toasts – Nigel 23rd March

7. Steward next week – Steve Aldridge, 4th April David Bourne

8. Correspondence – None

9. Announcements – Lindy (Melinda) Hutchinson was introduced by Stephen H and formally welcomed into the club.

Business Meeting

10. Matters arising from previous minutes –

The president referred members to the minutes of Council regarding the donations to charities. These were confirmed by the club.
Roger Joynes also referred to the council minutes regarding vouchers to Shepway Young Writer competition winners which was also confirmed..
The AGM has now been agreed for the 13th June and Handover night for the 27th June to be held at the Ship Hotel New Romney ( £27).

11. Finance

– As set out in the Minutes of the Council Meeting of 4th March 2019 – previously circulated.

12. Committee Reports

Club Service : There had been interest from at least 5 clubs in our cluster group for producing a joint calendar so this is now likely to proceed.

Community Service : Barbara reported that ticket sales were going well for the upcoming quiz night 6th April at Romney Warren and she asked for donations for raffle prizes please.

International : Discussion took place regarding making either a donation to the Africa appeal or giving a shelter box. It was concluded that Stephen H would contact the District Governor Brenda Parsons for further information before the club concludes what it wishes to do. This to come back to next weeks meeting.

Vocational , Youth , Foundation and Risk Management : All as per the minutes of Council

13. Attendance and membership -Good

14. Any other Business : The club confirmed that it should follow the approved process for any applications received to join the club.

Phil Bowman gave a short address regarding his work as a District Governor of Lions in Southern Australia.

The President requested volunteer hosts for 2 German guests for rhe 16th May.. Suru volunteered.


MINUTES OF BUSINESS MEETING – Thursday 21st February 2019


Steward for the Evening: Roger Constable
Attendance: Good
Apologies: Did not match.
Visitors and Guests: Julie and Jim Lawrence
Visits to other Clubs: Trevor and Stephen Hagues had visited the Cluster Group in Dover
Hospitality Box: Raised £19.94
Birthday Toasts: None.
Future Stewards: Denis next week and Andrew 7th March
Announcements: None.
Matters Arising from Previous Minutes: None
Correspondence: As detailed in Club Council minutes already circulated
Finance: Roger had nothing to add.

Club Service:
The club approved the donation of £1000 to the Paula Carr Trust. The President advised that Trevor was investigating the viability of a calendar for 2020 with other Rotary clubs in our cluster group. The club was reminded about the cricket which is on the board.

Community Service/Fund Raising: The club was reminded about the forthcoming Race night and the quiz on the 6th April.
Concern was raised about the low numbers regarding the visit to Germany and how close that trip was to the 50th celebration. Council to discuss further.
The Pilgrims hospice talk is next week and the visit to Dymchurch new hall on the 5th March.
Despite strenuous efforts by Roger the Marsh schools had not responded with entries for the youth competitions. 48 entries had been received however for the writing competition from schools in Folkestone and Hythe.
Foundation and PR: Sarah indicated that it was not possible to apply for the grant application at present but it was a useful process nonetheless .
Attendance: Good
Leave of Absence: Gill and Mark -4 weeks
Membership: Positive
A.O.B. Nigel updated the club on numbers for the 50th .




1. Attendance – 14 (Grace was said by Peter M)

2 Apologies – Match

3. Hospitality Box – £26.90

4. Steward next week Roger Joynes

5. Correspondence –

South East Kent Cluster group meeting 11th February Dover. President and Secretary attending

5. Finance

– As set out in the Minutes of the Council Meeting of 7th January 2019 – previously circulated.

6. Committee Reports

All as recorded in Council minutes of 7th January -already circulated

7. Speaker next week – Gary Fagg – Paula Carr Trust

8. Attendance and membership -satisfactor