World Polio Day – October 24, 2020

World Polio Day is celebrated on the 24th of October every year. World Polio Day is a significant annually celebrated event to develop increased awareness about Polio and also take structural measures towards eradication of this disease. Polio in exact words is called Poliomyelitis and usually targets children below the age group of 5.

This disease is caused by a highly infectious virus known by as ‘Poliovirus’. The Poliovirus causes permanent damage to the victim’s nervous system and makes him paralytic for an entire lifetime.  Governments have taken several measures to achieve polio eradication by providing compulsory vaccination in the form of polio drops to all kids below five years.

Polio is mostly transmitted through water contamination and polluted water source

The history of World Polio Day is fascinating to read. Jonas Salk made a breathtaking contribution to the whole world through his discovery of the Polio vaccine. The development was indeed a very significant milestone in medical history. Along with this vaccine, the oral form of ingesting this vaccine for kids below five years soon followed suit.

This discovery was carried forward by Albert Sabin. Thus, the world came to terms to fight against the deadly Polio disease. Rotary International identified the immense efforts put in by Jonas Salk in bringing up the vaccine. Hence, every year his birth anniversary is also celebrated as International Polio Day.



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